Ian Brown «From Chaos to Harmony»

It’s an eight-minute, ’80s-inspired short film-promo for Ian’s new track ‘From Chaos To Harmony’ that sees him recreated as a giant Zoltar robot in a fortune telling machine which grants a wish to a boy played by Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place, Wonder, Suburbicon). Shot in a fairground and arcade in the neon-tinged British seaside town of Southend, the film also stars Daniel Peacock (Quadrophenia, Gandhi, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves) as the fairground owner.  

I had the immense pleasure to be part of the team of  http://www.johnnolanstudio.com/  for this very especial project, where I modelled the bust of Ian Brown in CG and prepared it for printing as an animatronic.

Follow this link and watch the full final movie


This is a making of  from the whole process, all the way from CG modelling to printing and animatronic.

This is a making of video of the process after printing the CG model